I Lost Me In You

Written by Anjali Pandey

Art by Elizabeth Illustrates

I always knew she was like fire

Still, I let myself burn in her heat

Sometimes, she was like water

So, I let my soul quench its thirst

When the roots of love

settled deep inside my heart

she left me in pieces, shattered

just like broken glass,

Did not keep her word, promised

She would be beside me forever,

Memories of us haunting me in flashes

Never thought she would burn me down into ashes,

Even now I wait for her,

Let bygones be bygones, it’s all a lie

She will never know, for her

Lonely at night, I still cry.

Anjali Pandey

Anjali is a young and bright writer from India. She was born and raised in Delhi, and her ancestral home is in Uttarakhand, India. She has a lot of potential in her and is just kick-starting her career as a writer. She is already the author of her ongoing novel – ‘When Two Worlds Collide’ on Wattpad. She also has been showcasing her writing skills on her recently opened Instagram account ‘write.out.loud.04’.