It Started to Rain

Written by Lamarriv

Background Image by Frame Harirak

The light went out. It escaped from that peak moment of shared silences. It started to rain again. I listened as my thoughts were disorganized to the rhythm of a warm strangeness. They were poured over a dark forest of orphan words of syllables. Incessant confusion. A mixture of environments shaded by entities that I barely recognize. And the space that remains between what once was and what only happened in the corner of the blue tale is compromized by the strong absence of hope.

More than a thousand things happened; new people arriving, familiar faces dissipating between the colorful horizon and the imposing sun. However, the constant feeling of dispossession and disorientation does not give any respite.

The wait is prolonged. Continue waiting as a guideline to follow…perhaps to the longed-for or perhaps the unexpected.


She’s a restless soul who seeks adventurous puzzles through her words and artworks where she can find a space in whose dimension there’s a truce between the mind and the heart.