Ann Lilly Jose

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Ann Lilly Jose has been scribbling on pieces of paper since she was a kid and started writing seriously at the age of thirteen. A firm believer of the liberating power of words, she hopes to tell stories that can be the light at the end of somebody’s long, dark tunnel. When not writing, she can be found learning about random things, obsessing over twilights and the moon, and consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee.

Ava Krahn

Head of Short Fiction

Ava is a teen writer from BC, Canada. She writes literary fiction and enjoys very pretentious, flowery prose. When not writing, she is probably having conversations with herself out loud, reading half-attentively, or scrolling through Tumblr. She prefers to do all these things when everyone in the house is asleep.

Amreen Randhawa

Head of Non-Fiction

An ambivert who loves good food, trips to the mountains and interacting with new people.

V.S. Nilanee

Head of Non-Fiction

Aspiring writer with a kaleidoscope of varied dreams and opinions. Outspoken introvert. Unabashed idealist. Passionate about words and their fluid meanings.

Cassidy Jackson

Cassidy is extremely excited to work closely with the editorial team to make sure the magazine content is amazing. She started writing her first novel in her eighth grade English class (she still hasn’t finished). She also has a Tumblr blog full of her poetry (@poetryworld_1212) so go check it out if you want to see a little bit more of her poetry.

Shaonmita Ghosh

Shaon is an enthusiastic leader with an eye for character motivation and theme with a focus on interpersonal relationships and how they tie into the main plot. Other areas that interest her are parallels between events & character arcs, and character voices.

Suhasini Sathyanarayan

Suhasini Sathyanarayan is a student, writer, cryptid. On any given day, she can be tempted into doing anything with the promise of a small bookstore. She likes reading about feral women, tragic friend groups, and sad people who do morally reprehensible things. Her other hobbies include watching things and creating existential crises for herself.

Arunima Thomas

Arunima Thomas is an adventurer who grew up traversing the globe, first through the pages of books and then in reality. She is a poet and a writer. Most of the time, she surrounds herself with people that she care about. She particularly enjoys writing and reading about mythological creature and myths. To go along with her interest in writing, she has worked as a co-author in many anthologies.


SLW is a biracial student from Ontario, Canada. Her work has been previously published in Southchild Lit and Ice Lolly Review. You can find her on Twitter @slwwrites.

Jenet B Moses

Jenet is a seventeen-year-old living in the chaotic world of imagination. He is a movie enthusiast and oscillates between being a writer and a reader. His urge for writing started ever since she made friends with this small part of her brain, which he calls ‘creative dump’. He is an extrovert who loves connecting with people. He loves fashion and has his own way of styling clothes. He knows her way out through everyday aesthetic fashion and more. Jenet is enthusiastic, free-spirited and zestful.

Bobbie Meri

Bobbie is an aspiring novelist and poet who is currently working on a fantasy novel “They Who Fight Fire”. With their fiery dedication and a history of performing on stage, Bobbie has managed to write three unpublished novels since their introduction to writing in 2015, passion flowing through the voices of their characters as plainly as their ink does to paper. Bobbie plans to publish after their second year in secondary school!


Paige has been passionate about writing and storytelling for since childhood. She recently completed a bachelor of arts degree and has plans to further her education with a masters degree in art therapy in the near future. In the meantime however, she has goals to continue growing her writing portfolio and working towards publishing her first novel.

Grace Stowe

Staff Writer

Grace Stowe is a writer and runner from Pennsylvania. She loves writing about folklore and unhinged lesbians. Her natural habitat is the forests of Appalachia. She can be found @gracestowewriting on Tumblr.

Daya Dodson

Staff Writer

Daya Dodson is a twenty-two-year-old artist from Stone Mountain, Georgia. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kennesaw State University. She is currently in school for Film and Media at Georgia State University. She plans to further obtain a doctorate in Creative Writing and become a screenwriter and director. Writing, photography, reading, and painting are some of the hobbies she enjoys when she isn’t studying for school.

Joyce Bou Charaa

Joyce is a Lebanese undergraduate English student and a book reviewer whose articles are published in The Mark Literary Review and at Newpages. She has also studied 2 years of Journalism and has intimate knowledge of Arabic English and French languages.

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