General Guidelines

  • All submissions must be typed in a legible font.
  • Do not include your name anywhere in the file. If we find your name, your submission will automatically be rejected.
  • On the first page of your submission, provide a list of trigger warnings. In the case of short fiction and personal essays, specify a word count.
  • For writing, upload .pdf or .docx files. Do not paste links to Google Docs.

We will not accept works that are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, ableist, and any other harmful -isms and -phobias. We are also not interested in overly sexual themes, graphic violence, and gore.

We encourage simultaneous submissions, and are ready to consider previously published works, but please tick the relevant boxes in the submission form. If your work is accepted elsewhere while it is being evaluated by us, notify us immediately at Our response time is four to six weeks, but we’ll try to get back as soon as we can!

We are currently unable to pay our contributors.

Magazine Submissions

Eclipse publishes a themed issue of the magazine every three months. Here’s what you can submit to the magazine.

  1. Short Fiction (Under 2500 words)
  2. Poetry (Any Length)
  3. Personal Essays (Under 2500 words)

Submit up to five poems and in every other category, only submit one piece. You may submit to a maximum of two categories in a reading period.

Magazine submissions are currently closed.

If English is a second language or foreign language to you, we offer a free expedited response option which allows you to receive a response in two to four weeks of submission. We request that only eligible writers use this facility.

Blog Submissions

We publish works more frequently on the blog. Blog submissions are not themed and include the following.

  1. Short Poetry (Not more than 20 lines)
  2. Flash Fiction (Around 500 words)
  3. Personal and General Essays (Not more than 2500 words)
  4. Book Reviews (Not more than 1500 words)

We might consider poetry of up to 30 lines and flash pieces that are around 750-800 words if they’re catchy and of exceptional quality.