Eclipse is a digital magazine founded in 2021. We are a community of young writers who believe that writing from all over the world is impactful. We stand for native and non-native writers, but who classifies as what? Natives are those writers whose first language or primary medium of communication is English. Non-natives, on the other hand, learn English as supplementary to their mother tongue. Therefore, they might face difficulties in writing in English and feel lost in the writing community. That’s where we step in. Fully aware of the barriers of language and culture, we aim at minimizing the disparities between native and non-native writers and connecting them with a global audience.

We stand for writers in all phases of their process. Whether you’ve been a writer for a few months or several years, there’s a place at Eclipse. We want to support you regardless of what stage you are in and how far you have come.

We realize that one form of art affects the other, and each has the potential to tell stories. Because of this, we would also like to showcase traditional and digital art and photography on our platform. We hope to branch out to other forms soon!

We intend on publishing works that amplifies the voices of the timid and stand for equality and justice. Hence, our editors are on the lookout for uncanny writing that speaks truths that are often left unacknowledged.

Meet The Team