Author: Eclipse Editorial

The City’s Ennui

Written by Willow Kang Today the streets are tiny divinities of their own,breathing mounds of sunlight through lunar slats,into the blue hooves of the pedestrians,their eyes ajar as if bloodless,sneaking about on reptilian eggs Shh, shh, not a word that disrupts this symmetrybetween bruising wrath and doleful overdoses Outside the marble window of the treehouse,look […]


Written by Aeshna Kumar My Galatea stands upright.   The arc of her back is perfect —   I stand at attention   when I see her in the doorway.   She must have soft parts,   dark, dewy places, loved by worms, but the doll maker wrought her skin from ivory, not porcelain.   Her eyes are cold glass that […]

Finding Peace of Mind: ode to Lauryn Hill

Written by Daya Dodson It was when the heart started to disintegrate from the chest. Where every word, touch, and embrace was recalled until this moment. A frantic and puzzled set of images replaying in a new perspective. No thoughts are left except embarrassment and emptiness. It was four a.m., pressed against tear-stained pillowcases and […]

Leave your pain here

Written by Alejandra Medina wedge it between the sidewalks’cracks and step over them lightlylike a child afraid of breaking their mother’s back or bury it inthe sock drawer with the mismatchedpairs you swear no one will notice or stick it into the chorus of that songthe neighbor is always playing,you know the one (love gone […]

It Started to Rain

Written by Lamarriv The light went out. It escaped from that peak moment of shared silences. It started to rain again. I listened as my thoughts were disorganized to the rhythm of a warm strangeness. They were poured over a dark forest of orphan words of syllables. Incessant confusion. A mixture of environments shaded by […]

Geyser Water

Written by Divisha Chaudhry The geyser is roasting water.The water comes out murky, colloidal and yellowish because of that.So much heat, so much water.I turn the tap right for shower. Some misty droplets fall on my skin.Brown, the water turns after meeting my skin.The water adapts like a chameleon, the water remembers.It remembers my skin […]

Keeping Up With The Catalans

Written by Nibodh Minikumar FC Barcelona, one of the biggest sporting institutions in the world, now finds itself under what seems to be a mountain of debt. While fans easily point fingers towards Josep Maria Bartomeu (and rightfully so) very few realize the fact that it was the culmination of a destructive political rift in […]


Written by Duckie Harwell Mama used to love me once upon a time. Before my hips grew out, and my voice grew loud. Back when I hid behind her legs in the grocery store, too shy to come out from the safety of the back of her knees.  A child’s biggest comfort lies within the […]

When to Run

Written by Bobbie Meri The town of Braduk was one full of average people, each very busy with their own business. It was old and, as such, was filled with mostly old people. There was a great deal of young ones too, of course, though one rarely noticed that except to discourage them from being […]