Author: Eclipse Editorial

I Lost Me In You

Written by Anjali Pandey I always knew she was like fire Still, I let myself burn in her heat Sometimes, she was like water So, I let my soul quench its thirst When the roots of love settled deep inside my heart she left me in pieces, shattered just like broken glass, Did not keep […]

Gen Z: Life Happens, We Can Do Anything

Written by Cassidy Jackson I  discovered the wonder that is Tumblr many months ago in the middle of the pandemic. I couldn’t have been happier. My real-life best friend convinced me to make a blog to support her blog in case hers went bust. It never went bust and I have been following people that […]

Activism at The Grassroot Level

So, naively, I reached out to many people who ostensibly stood for ‘equality’, and I talked to them about educating others, one by one, about the LGBT spectrum, to remove the taboo aspect of it. I was sorely disappointed at the response I got. Most of them, educated people, even doctors, those who belonged to my own family, were absolutely horrified at the idea of me having a trans friend and considering that normal. For they considered it a ‘biologically unnatural thing’. Some of the celebrities I had so admired as being LGBT+ showed their own biases, their invalidation of certain genderqueer identities. Where did the ‘equality’ they ostensibly practice go then? Does it not include trans and other genderqueer people? It should!

How to Mourn

It was the brink of night when Ariadne died, between sunlight and midnight, when the moon was a circle of candlewax against a cobalt sky. She stung her finger on a kerosene lamp on the way down. Tumbled off a paisley armchair she’d claimed since childhood. Landed on the creaky pine floor that she’d tiptoed on her entire life to avoid the squeaking. You tried to wake her at first, listened for the tremor of a heartbeat, a whisper of breath, but there was nothing.