Where Hope Comes From by Nikita Gill: Book Review

Written by Joyce Bou Charaa

In her poetry book, Where Hope Comes From, Nikita Gill provides us with insights into the journey of finding hope in despair, and kindness in chaos. Throughout the book, she explores the different stages of Despair, Reflection, Resilience, and Rebirth. And, within these stages are poems of deep thoughts and feelings undertaken by Gill, and experienced by anybody during the tough years of the global pandemic.

In Where Hope Comes From, Gill compares this journey with a universal phenomenon: the rebirth of a star, where a star is reborn in space, and retakes its light, which is a similar act to any person who rises again from a difficult situation to a better one that would take place in the end of the day.

Nikita Gill’s poems not only reflect the mental and emotional struggle during the coronavirus pandemic, but also reflect the hope and love that we seize in order to survive. Gill talks about death and pain, about her contemplations, loneliness, and thoughts in her self-quarantine, as well as on every aspect the pandemic had caused for the entire world.

Gill explains the early beginnings of the pandemic: how things turned around to ‘‘Shinning screens instead of shining faces’’ as she mentioned in one of her poems. ‘‘All we can do is pray’’ was her response to the way of surviving the pandemic and longing for tomorrow.

Nikita Gill states that hope comes from despair, sadness and chaos. For her, these situations are not considered to be the end of life for anyone, but instead a light will come out of them to bring again joy and happiness into our lives.

One of the most interesting poems that I really liked in the book was called ‘‘Plague Year’’, where Gill talks about how the isolation during the pandemics in history, was a huge motive and an urge behind Shakespeare’s great plays and Newton’s scientific theories that changed the world. Yet here, Gill says that she found no inspiration in the lockdown to create any work or invent new ideas.

This book, which is more of a diary or a personal journal, is a reminder, as Gill repeats in her verses, of the strength of surviving in spite of all the craziness that could surround us at any moment.

According to that, this outstanding poetry book could be a reference for many beautiful experiences and sayings that lighten our way with higher motivations and hopes to stand still and keep moving on.

Joyce Bou Charaa

Joyce is a Lebanese undergraduate English student and a book reviewer whose articles are published in The Mark Literary Review and at Newpages. She has also studied 2 years of Journalism and has intimate knowledge of Arabic English and French languages.